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Reciproc Endodontic System

We use this state of the art root canal treatment technology at PROHEAL Dental Specialist Center. Wisma Cosway, Kuala Lumpur

RECIPROC® is a brand new concept and state of the art of root canal preparation


  • One instrument prepares a root canal to a greater taper
  • No need to change instruments
  • No need to establish a glide path in the majority of cases


  • The risk of instrument fracture is minimised due to precise reciprocation settings in the VDW.SILVER® RECIPROC® motor
  • Safer for patient and personnel due to pre-sterilised, single-use instruments
  • Less likelihood of procedural errors*
  • Greater resistance to cyclic fatique and greater flexibility due to M-Wire® nickel-titanium*


  • Less work steps
  • No cleaning and sterilising of instruments
  • Total working time is reduced by up to 75%*

Infection control for patient safety

At PRO HEAL dental specialist center, we practice the strictest infection control regimen to ensure your safety and absolute prevention of cross infection. Advanced ultrasonic cleaning machine with the state of art Class B autoclave are used following the internationally recognized infection control protocol.

The international standard governing autoclave use assigns three different classes for autoclave sterilization cycles. These are: Type B cycle (the strictest), Class S cycle and Class N cycle (the least strict) AUTOCLAVE CYCLE DEFINITIONS

  • Type B cycle (the strictest)
  • A cycle capable of sterilizing all wrapped (single or double) or unwrapped items, including porous and cannulated items that do not exceed the specifications of Hollow load Type A.
  • Type S cycle (moderately strict)
  • A cycle capable of sterilizing unwrapped items and at least one of the following load types: porous items, small porous items, Hollow load Type A, Hollow load Type B, single layer wrapped items, double wrapped items.
  • Type N cycle (the least strict)
  • A cycle capable of sterilizing unwrapped, solid items